Friday, September 5, 2008


When a group of two hundred executives were asked what makes a person successful, eighty percent listed enthusiasm as the most im­portant quality. More important than skill. More important than training. Even more important than experience.

Before water will produce enough steam to power an engine, it must boil. The steam engine won't move a train an inch until the steam gauge registers 212 degrees. Likewise, the person with­out enthusiasm is trying to move the machinery of life with lukewarm water. Only one thing will happen: that person will stall.

A. B. Zu Tavern asserts that en­thusiasm is electricity in the battery. It's the vigor in the air. It's the warmth in the fire. It's the breath in all things alive. Successful people are enthusi­as­tic about what they do. "Good work is never done in cold blood," he says, "heat is needed to forge any­thing. Every great achievement is the story of a flaming heart."

You may have all of the skill, training and experience you've ever need. Add enthusiasm to those assets and you will be truly unstoppable!

-- Steve Goodier

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beecan said...

I am agree with you about the important of enthusiasm of ours life but we must taken in the consider the other element like training,experience,and other skill you need to make the successful in ours life

Anonymous said...

Mr. Goodier:

Thank you for Moments to Remember. It struck a cord, reminding me about the importance of each day and the important "moments" that each day holds.
god Bless

Anonymous said...

What kind of success we need or want depend on differen skill, knowledge, experience, training etc, but there is no one success witout enthusiasm. Even I don't know to do a thing, with entusiasm I will find the way to do it, with help of others.