Thursday, July 5, 2018

Have You Lost the Dead Part Yet?

I am discovering that many people want, above all else, to live life fully. Or at least to get more out of life. But sometimes the past gets in the way. Unhealed hurts and unnecessary guilt too often suck the life out of people.

Here is a great visual. A schoolteacher tells about when he entered his room a few minutes early and noticed a mealworm laboriously crawling along the floor. It had somehow been injured. The back part of the worm was dead and dried up, but still attached to the front, living part by just a thin thread.

As the teacher studied the strange sight of a poor worm pulling its dead half across the floor, a little girl ran in and noticed it there. Picking it up, she said, “Oh, Oscar, when are you going to lose that dead part so you can really live?”

She could be asking that question to any of us. For you, too, may be dragging around something that you should have left behind long ago. Maybe anger over a past incident. Or some long-ago hurt of betrayal. Maybe you’re dragging around feelings of guilt brought about by poor decisions you’ve lived with for so long you hardly know how to feel without them. 

What an important question for each of us - when are you going to lose that dead part so you can really live? When are you going to let the past BE the past? All the memories of the past that steal your peace today should not be allowed in the present. If you’ve been dragging around something that is dead, it’s time to choose life.  

Let the child's question be your question: “When are you going to lose the dead part so you can really live?” Answering that question today may be the most important thing you have done in a long time.

-- Steve Goodier


Anonymous said...

Good story. Just for the record, a little girl, not a little boy made the comment in the story. You may wish to correct the question.

Unknown said...

This story so hit home for me. Thank you for posting. My thread is getting smaller and smaller as each week goes by. I recommend to anyone reading this to give it your upmost attention. Dropping of the dead is the best thing I have done for myself in a long while. Thank you Steve for sharing

Unknown said...

At the start of the story it was a little girl. Toward the end it became a little boy. Pls fix it. Otherwise it's a beautiful story with a very valuable lesson. Thank you.

Steve Goodier said...

Thanks, all. And thanks for paying attention to the detail of the gender switch!

Jason Hettrick said...

Good story! Lots to think about. I have apologized and Forgiven Some one of my past. That was a big load off of my mind.

Betty G. said...

love this and I saw the gender switch too lol. Powerful story either way!!