Friday, May 18, 2018

Your Life Support System

Have you noticed how help is often available just when you need it? A few years ago, a California artist carved a unique Christmas gift for his parents in Connecticut. It was a four-foot-tall statue of a hitchhiker, with thumb extended. (The perfect gift for the discriminating homeowner...) His gift may have been a little odd, but his method of shipping the statue to his folks was even stranger. He simply set it beside the road and let it "hitch" its way across the continent. Around the statue's neck he hung a sign bearing his parents' New England address, and across its chest was printed the word "Connecticut" in large letters. Several weeks and some 2,500 miles later, unknown hands delivered the gift to the woodcarver's parents in time for Christmas.

I find it heartening to remember that there are always those willing to help. And it's true regardless of the circumstance. There is someone willing to extend a hand, lend an ear or share a heart. Whether you need temporary assistance or your life has experienced a meltdown, there is someone who wants to help.

Author Jack Canfield reminds us, “Human beings are not designed to go through life alone. No one has to bear the burden of tough times all by themselves.” In every important way, you are never really alone. You have a life "support system" consisting of people you may have never met. And it may be one of your greatest resources.

-- Steve Goodier

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LoveBeing said...

What a Wonderful story!!
Is there a way to find out the artist's name?
Where did you get this story from?
Gil :-)