Thursday, November 5, 2009

Letting Your Soul Catch Up

You already know that practicing some form of relaxation is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself? Taking time each day to quiet your mind and breathe deeply, can make a big difference in how you feel throughout your day and into the night. But do you know that dedicating a day every week for mental and spiritual renewal is equally important?

We’re told that the word “relax” has its origin in the Latin word “relaxare,” which means “to loosen.” When we relax, we are in effect loosening tension, releasing tightly held energy and letting go. From the state of relaxation we can experience calm peacefulness.

Another great word is the Hebrew word "Shabbat" which, of course, is a day of rest. But it quite literally means to "quit; stop; take a break." Whatever you are doing, stop it. Whatever you are saying, be quiet. Sit down and take a look around. Don't do anything. Don't say anything. Fold your hands. Take a deep breath... .

Extended periods of rest are a biological necessity. The human body is like an old-fashioned wind-up clock. If it is not rewound by rest, ultimately it will run itself down.

A group of Americans made a trip with Brazilian natives down the Amazon River. The first day they rushed. The second day they rushed. The next day they rushed. One day, anxious to continue the trek, they were surprised to find the natives seated together in a circle.

When asked the reason for the delay, a guide answered, “They are waiting. They cannot move further until their souls catch up with their bodies.”

Do you owe yourself time to let your soul catch up with your body?

-- Steve Goodier

Image: Devos


Johann said...

Thanks for addressing this issue Steve. I needed to hear this again. We get caught out so easily and when we eventually see what is happening you're already in that pitfall and then it is difficult to turn the boat around. Prevention is better than cure hey?


Maria Mar said...

Oh, Steve, this is beautiful. To allow our soul to catch up with our bodies, our minds.

For me, also, it is about catching the wind --because the soul is the sail and leads us in the direction of our inner compass only when we allow it time and silence to catch the right wind.

Thanks so much for your presence in my life. Your inspiration is truly a life support. As I am an inspirer, when you nourish me, you nourish all those who I nourish. Love multiplies,

Light and love,
Maria Mar
The Dream Alchemist