Wednesday, June 18, 2008

God Loves Variety

I like the story about three ministers and a priest who played golf together every week. They decided to visit each other’s churches. So the following day, the three ministers showed up at an early morning mass at their friend’s church. There were no empty pews, so they stood in the back.

When the priest saw them, he whispered to the little acolyte, "Get three chairs for the Protestants!" The boy looked stunned and sat down.

The priest pointed in the back to where the clergymen were standing and repeated, "Get three chairs for the Protestants." The confused boy still stared back blankly.

Exasperated, the priest said emphatically, "Please! Get three chairs for the Protestants!"

The dismayed acolyte stood before the congregation and announced, "Ladies and gentlemen. This is the first time this has ever been done in a Catholic church, but let’s all stand and give three cheers for the Protestants!"

Perhaps it’s time to give three cheers to those of another faith. And while we’re at it, let’s applaud those of other cultures and races, too! What a beautiful world it is when all are truly part of one glorious family! And after all, if God doesn’t love variety, why is there so much of it?

-- Steve Goodier

Image: Lindsey