Monday, May 28, 2018

Your Secret Power

A certain man was on a diet to lose weight. He even changed routes to work in order to avoid a particular bakery, which displayed scrumptious looking pastries in its window. But one day he arrived at the office carrying a beautiful, large coffee cake. His colleagues teased him about slipping off the diet. 

In reply, he smiled and said, “Today I accidentally drove by the bakery and looked in the window and saw a host of goodies. Now, I felt it was no accident, so I prayed, ‘Lord, if you want me to have one of these delicious coffee cakes, let me find a parking space in front of the bakery.’ And sure enough, the eighth time around the block, there it was!”

Addictions come in many shapes. They come in the shape of pills, powder and liquid. They come in the shape of video games. They may even come in the shape of food. Some are irritations. Some can ruin a life.

And that’s where willpower comes in. It may not be the whole answer, but nothing will change without it.

Sometimes willpower looks more like “won’t power.” It’s finding the inner power to say, “I won’t continue in this behavior or attitude.” 

And sometimes willpower looks more like “want power.” When I want a new me more than I want the person I am today, it’s easier to find the power to make it happen.

There’s something else about willpower, too. You can’t use it up. In fact, every time it’s used it grows stronger. It’s like a muscle growing stronger and stronger with exercise until what was once difficult is now simple.

Whether you call it willpower, won’t power or want power, it’s the secret power to a better life.

-- Steve Goodier

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