Thursday, March 19, 2020

Stay Together

Stay Together

Our streets are less trafficked these days. Places of business have fewer customers. Many are closed. These are strange times in which we’re living. Most countries have policies in place for the protection of citizens from COVID-19, the coronavirus that is making its way through our populations. Unfortunately, these policies separate us from one another. We may avoid the disease of COVID-19 only to suffer from isolation and, in some cases, loneliness.

I’m reminded of a funny story about a tour group whose bus let them off across the street from a famous basilica surrounded by several lanes of relentless traffic. They spread out along the curb to try to cross the street when there was a break in the traffic. Some were darting out when they spotted their opportunity.

“Stay together!” the frantic tour guide shouted. “Stay together! "You cross one by one, they hit you one by one. But if you cross together, they think you will hurt the car!"

I think that is good advice in these unusual times. The best thing we can do is to stay together. It means helping out somebody who is out of work. It means sharing with someone who needs what you have - food, supplies or even some of your time. Stay together

We work so hard to keep ourselves safe. Staying away from others. Washing our hands. It’s easy to forget that the most important thing we humans can ever do is to reach out to each other. Just a phone call that says, “I’m thinking about you. How can I help?” Stay together.

I love bouquets of roses. But the reality is that they won’t last long without roots. Cut flowers die. And when I’m cut off from others, I die a little on the inside every day. So we need to stay connected.. Especially at this time - stay together.

Who needs you today?

-- Steve Goodier

Image: Leeming


Deb said...

THANK YOU!!! I love your posts and this one definitely is perfect for our current situation. It was SO good to see it from you after not seeing any for several months. Good to hear you are ok. Thank you for putting your positivity out there.

Steve Goodier said...

Thanks for the positive feedback. Many of you have written and expressed kindness - I appreciate it.

There was some concern that I this particular post did not stress adequately the importance of telephone and electronic communication during our pandemic. We need to take seriously proper protocols, including social distancing and, in many areas, sheltering in place. Please follow your local and national government's guidelines and stay safe.